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  July 18-20 2024  

Premier Summer Tournament

Serving as the 1st minority baseball showcase tournament in the country, MVP hosts teams from all over. It is essentially designed to expose minority and underserved high school players to both recruiters and professionally scouts who are in attendance. This year, we are pleased to announce that the event will be held at Gresham Park Baseball Complex, over a 3 Day weekend.

No upcoming events at the moment

Field Rules

No metal spikes

No sunflower seeds

No gum

Stadium seats are encouraged

Tournament Reminder

Wood Bat

Infield only allowed prior to each teams first game

8 run mercy rule in effect after the 5th inning

National High School rules in effect, with the exception of the Extra Hitter (EH) at the coaches discretion

All disputes will be handled by the Host Committee

In the event of a tie at the conclusion of the Pool Play, the 1st tie breaker will be head to head competition. In the least runs allowed will be determined seeding, in the event of a second tie run differential will break the tie.

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